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Shopping Cart. We cater to small businesses who want their customers to be able to order products online using a credit card. Our shopping cart has the option for online processing and authentication. For merchants who do want the expense of online credit card processing, the solution is to forward purchase orders with credit card information to the merchant for processing. Our shopping carts integrate easily into web pages and enable a variety of shipping and description options, including gift wrapping and special handling needs.

Member Area. These sites provide a registration for new members, secure login, and profile editing. When a member logs in, the color scheme, graphics, and content can be customized to that user's preferences or characteristics. For example, a company's colors and logo may be reflected in the appearance of the page when a user from that company logs in. "Dynamic" web sites, create the pages "on the fly" according to the user accessing the page. Member areas often provide some means for members to communicate with one another via a message board or proprietary messaging system.

Instant Messaging. Want members of your site to be able to chat with one another? Want to communicate online with your customers regarding sales or services? Our instant messaging programs can be created according to various specifications: one-to-one chat only, limited user groups, profile viewing, etc. If needed for security or liability management, transcripts of chats can be saved.

Rotating Content: ads, daily messages, graphic presentations. Content can be programmed to randomly generate upon each login, or to change daily. Have a Thought for the Day? Want rotating banner ads?

Statistical Analysis of user behavior in a site. Want to track what your users view while in your site? Reports can be generated showing user demographics related to pages accessed. For example, Want to know what the twenty year-old guys from Kansas are looking at in your web site? The more information you collect from users in their member profile, the more possibilities you have for "business intelligence."

Content Input. Need the capability to input your own text and upload your own graphic images? We design administration pages that enable you to create online articles, update sections of your site, and determine what content is available at different times.

Customer Relationship Management. Maintain profiles of users and history of contacts. Assign user requests to specific persons in your organization, and even screen their responses.

Message Board. Enable users to post and reply to messages for all users to see. Want to be able to screen posts and responses beforehand?

Calendar. Provide a schedule of upcoming events for your users. Events can be easily input and edited from a secure administration page.

Web Hosting. We do turn-key projects, including setting up the site on the internet with maintenance contracts. If you have a preference, we can host your site on Linux or Windows servers. We use Rackspace.

Server Administration. Have your own in-house or virtual server? We can administrate the web service for you.

Network Administration. We have the accredited expertise to manage your Windows NT/2000/2003/2008 or Linux Local Area Network or Wide Area Network. Our credeitals include: Microsoft Certified System Engineer, CompTIA A+ (computer technician), and CompTIA Network+ certifications. We can set up a new network or upgrade an existing network in your facility.

Computer Set Up or Repair.Need a new computer? Computer on the blink? Think you have a virus? Time for an upgrade?

Graphic Design. Need your services, products, or ideas graphically depicted? We do both the "front end" (appearance and user interface) and "back end" (functionality) aspects of web site design.

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